At Whites Beaconsfield, our goal is to create the most effective whitening formula without ever sacrificing your oral health.

Our new formula combines 3 key ingredients to whiten and strengthen your teeth, with no sensitivity or lasting damage.

3 Active Ingredients, 1 Formulation

It’s the combination of Potassium Nitrate, PAP, and Hydroxyapatite to whiten and brighten teeth, strengthen your enamel, and protect against sensitivity.


For stronger teeth


For safer whitening

Potassium Nitrate

For sensitivity prevention

The risks of traditional whitening methods

What makes our formula safe?

Teeth whitening involves a process known as oxidation. This process occurs when a whitening agent comes into contact with the stains in your teeth. PAP and Peroxides both use oxidation to whiten, however, this process occurs in two very different ways.

What do dentists say?

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