Happy Easter, Even Happier Teeth

Happy Easter, Even Happier Teeth

Easter is just around the corner, and we all know what that means. Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. It’s everywhere you turn. You can’t escape it. But what does this mean for our teeth? 

Let’s start with the facts. According to a survey, the average person in the UK eats around 8.4 kg of chocolate per year, and a large portion of that is consumed during the Easter period. That’s a lot of sugar and a lot of potential damage to our teeth. So, what can we do to protect our pearly whites?

First and foremost, brush your teeth. This may seem obvious, but it’s essential. Don’t be lazy, don’t skip it, and don’t make excuses. Brushing your teeth twice a day, for two minutes at a time, is the foundation of good oral hygiene. Plus, it makes your mouth feel minty fresh, and who doesn’t love that feeling?

Now, let’s talk about the type of chocolate you’re consuming. Dark chocolate is better for your teeth than milk chocolate because it contains less sugar. Plus, it has other health benefits, like antioxidants and minerals. So, if you’re going to indulge, go for the dark stuff.

Another way to protect your teeth is to drink water. It helps wash away any leftover sugar and food particles that can stick to your teeth and cause cavities. Plus, staying hydrated is essential for overall health.

Finally, visit your dentist regularly. They can catch any potential problems early and give you advice on how to maintain good oral hygiene. Plus, they’re trained professionals, so they know what they’re talking about.

In conclusion, Easter is a time to celebrate and enjoy yourself, but don’t forget about your teeth. Brush twice a day, choose dark chocolate, drink water, and visit your dentist regularly. You’ll feel better, look better, and be able to enjoy all the chocolatey goodness without any guilt or worries.


James Pryor 
Whites Beaconsfield COO

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