More About Whites Beaconsfield

More About Whites Beaconsfield

Let's face it, oral hygiene isn't the most exciting industry out there. From boring toothbrushes to bland toothpaste, it's easy to see why many people dread taking care of their teeth. That's where Whites Beaconsfield comes in.

We have taken the boring oral hygiene industry and turned it on its head. Whites Beaconsfield's mission is to make as many people as possible smile, and with over 500,000 customers we've certainly succeeded in doing so.

One of the key values of Whites Beaconsfield is fun. We understand that taking care of your teeth can be a chore, especially for children. That's why we've recently released the "Wiggle," a waterproof, children's electric toothbrush that's shaped like a strawberry. But that's not all - the Wiggle also comes in five different flavours, including cotton candy, strawberry, banana, watermelon, and apple, in both fluoride and non-fluoride options.

But Whites Beaconsfield isn't just about making brushing your teeth more fun. We also focus on innovation. We've made premium teeth whitening accessible for everyone, anywhere, and at an affordable cost. Our teeth whitening products are top of the line, and they offer a variety of options to fit every budget.

Finally, Whites Beaconsfield is a people-focused company. We understand that our success is based on the happiness of their customers. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy with their products and services. Most of our innovation comes from feedback from our amazing customers.

Overall, Whites Beaconsfield is a game-changer in the oral hygiene industry. Taking a boring, mundane task and making it fun, innovative, and people-focused. If you're tired of the same old toothbrushes and toothpaste, it's time to switch to Whites Beaconsfield and keep smiling.




James Pryor 
Whites Beaconsfield COO

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