The Secret.

At Whites Beaconsfield we have one core focus, putting smiles on the face of our customers in the safest and most cost effective ways possible. We have spent years extensively researching and developing our teeth whitening formula and are proud to have curated what we believe is the best non-peroxide formula in the world.

Our passion is making YOU happy with your perfect smile and we’re so confident you’ll love our products, we offer a full money back guarantee if you are in anyway dissatisfied with your results!

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  • Potassium Nitrate

    Prevents tooth sensitivity whilst whitening. It’s able to do so by travelling through the tooth dentin and enamel to the pulp chamber, where it calms the nerves and decreases dental pulp fibres depolarising.

  • Hydroxyapatite

    One of the key components that makes up your tooth enamel, cementum and dentin. Hydroxyapatite gives your teeth and bones their hard and strong quality.

    The addition of Hydroxyapatite in our whitening formula will prevent demineralisation, whilst rebuilding worn tooth enamel. The Hydroxyapatite also helps to reduce plaque, bacteria and tooth sensitivity.

  • Phthalimido - Peroxy - Caproic acid

    A non-invasive teeth whitening agent, which has a significant whitening effect without causing damage to the enamel. Traditional whitening methods which contain hydrogen peroxide are invasive and can leave the teeth irreversibly damaged by cutting the enamel.

How Does Our Secret Formula Work?

Let’s break it down to make things easier:

The oxidation (teeth whitening) process occurs when stained teeth, caused by smoking, alcohol, sugary treats, medicines etc come into contact with a whitening agent.

Phthalimido - Peroxy - Caproic Acid contains a high level of oxidation which removes tough stains that have built up on the surface of and behind the enamel. Furthermore, it will pass through to the dentine layer, neutralising even deeper stains.

Our 5 bulb high performance LED lamp accelerates the Phthalimido - Peroxy - Caproic acid, enabling it to penetrate through 3 layers of the teeth, accessing areas of deeply entrenched discolouration. This process will supersede any peroxide based formula as it will whiten and restore the teeth on three levels.

What do dentists say?

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