Benefits of Our Everyday Essentials Bundle

  • The Ultimate Teeth Whitening Strips: Noticeable results in one use. Brightens smile in 14 days. Enamel friendly formula gentle on teeth & gums.
  • Whitening Toothpaste: Accelerates the teeth whitening process with boosting silicas and remineralising ingredients like Hydroxyapatite
  • Safe & Effective Formula: Peroxide-free formulas ensures a whiter smile without causing any damage to the teeth or gums.
  • Everyday Whitening: Remove stains with our Whitening Strips and then prevent them returning with daily use of our advanced whitening paste

Regime Guide

Expertly crafted regime for achieving and sustaining brighter and whiter smiles,rooted in scientific principles and tailored for optimal effectiveness

  • Whiten

    Start with our teeth whitening strips to help remove tough stains

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  • Maintain

    Maintain your desired shade of white with our everyday whitening toothpaste

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  • Top-up

    Use our teeth whitening pen for a quick whiten and brighten top up

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